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Nick Tacony
Nick Tacony founded Tacony Corporation in 1946 and served as President until his passing in August 1984.
Ken Tacony
Kenneth J. Tacony, son of the founder, joined the firm in 1970 and is Chief Executive Officer.
In 1946, Nick Tacony started a business selling and servicing sewing machines from the basement of his home. He invested his entire savings in used machines, motors and parts. He began to build a dream. In 2006, we celebrated our 60th year anniversary.

Soon Nick Tacony became a leader among sewing machine entrepreneurs. In the 1950s, he expanded his business by wholesaling sewing parts, accessories and other merchandise to retailers in the Midwest. Over the next two decades, the business grew with the acquisition of two important competitors on the East Coast. Each added to the Tacony network of distribution centers and increased the organization’s customer base.

In 1970, after completing his college degree in business administration and four years in the United States Air Force, Ken Tacony joined his father in the business. With a solid foundation in place, Tacony Corporation began to market and sell diversified products to customers inside and outside the sewing industry. By offering a wide range of consumer appliance products, the company anticipated consumer demands and responded to market trends. This market approach typified Tacony Corporation’s growth.